Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The inhuman factor

It would be an anecdote if it didn't reflect the poor situation with humans dragging severely behind  the development of technology.

The website of Social Security Service of the US attempted to introduce two-factor authentication. The idea was cancelled after it appeared, that only about 35% of the target audience know, how to read SMS on their phones.

Well, the target audience is those after 65 y.o, so no wonder. But these same people, who can't manage reading a couple of digits from the screen, and typing them back, are still allowed to vote and define the future of the younger generations.

Actually, we'd call all those people technically illiterate. They've learned to read and write, but didn't learn to understand technology.

For those people only biometric authentication such as FIDO UAF could probably work. And that's another investment, which most retired people can't afford. A Catch 22 of a kind ...