Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why Cloud security is impossible

Yesterday I've come across a rather old, but still actual (and even more and more actual, I'd say) article, that explains, why in-browser cryptography isn't going to work.

The article is "What's wrong with in-browser cryptography". It is written from security researcher's point of view, and as such is focused on flaws of the in-browser cryptography model. However, out-of-browser (but initiated by the server-side code) model is flawed equally (if not more) seriously, as an in-browser one. It doesn't matter, where the cryptography code is located - will it be some JavaScript in the web page, or a browser plugin or WebCrypto API offered by the browser itself. As long as the web page is changed dynamically, the user can not be sure, that the information is really encrypted, and that it is sent to the intended recipient. SSL/TLS does NOT ensure such security, unlike what most users think.

The article makes a good point, that with desktop software you can always capture the code that was executed and analyze it, in order to find what is being done and where the data is sent. And the code is signed, proving (to some extent) that it is authentic and has not been altered. With web pages such analysis and protection are not possible, because they can be easily altered by the server or by third-party actors (like browser plugins etc).

Browser applets like Flash and Java could solve the problem by applying code signing of applets. Unfortunately, in their desire for openness (which in most situations contradicts to security) the industry has rejected "closed" solutions that applets offer in favor to everchanging HTML, which makes security of user's data a distant dream.

One of solutions would be development of signed scripts, which could be signed with certificates as much as applets are. Unfortunately I didn't see any widespread attempts to introduce "secure Javascript" or "secure web pages". If you came across some, please let me know.

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